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Travel, Leisure & Hospitality (TLH) businesses are facing a more competitive environment with well-established international brands, massive consumer reach, and an increasing number of small and big innovators who are looking to change the status of this industry. Technology might have brought huge potential to all, but the loyalty of travellers isn’t assured with each innovation in the hospitality industry. With the growth of travel, leisure and hospitality companies, challenges around effective talent management and employee and customer engagement programs have also increased.
Travelling has become modern with transformation in transportation and increasing disposable income of people worldwide. The rise of the railways has also led to increased demand for hotels and guest houses and has enabled the working class to afford or pay for train fare for travelling
The invention of the airplane and automobiles has further transformed the travel industry by bringing greater numbers of travellers to the market. The travel & tourism sector is going strong, outpacing the growth of the global GDP in 2018 for the eighth year in a row. Commercial airlines are one of the travel industry’s largest travel sources today. Commercial airlines range from major carriers, earning more than $1 billion in annual revenue, to regional carriers with a revenue of less than $100 million each year. The standard organizational structure of an airline includes operation maintenance, marketing, and finance departments.
The hospitality industry is a comprehensive category of fields within the service industry that includes accommodation, food and beverage service, traveling, and airline and complementary fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is an industry which depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. In the hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks consist of several groups like facility maintenance and direct operations.
Restaurant business is directly linked to travel & tourism and is one of the largest employers in the private sector. Hotels are offering accommodation, meals, and special personalized services for the traveling public. The range of employment opportunities is vast in commercial hotels, motels, inns, residential hotels, resorts, and convention centres. Within hospitality institutions, employees work for various positions to make the hospitality process smooth for travellers. The positions are for front office, inside sales, accounting staff, food and beverage service, housekeeping, etc.
Travelers normally consider leisure activities as an important part of their trip. There are approximately 12-13 million people working for the recreation and accommodation industry such as YMCA centres and huge theme parks like Disney World. Each business provides leisure activities that include casinos and gaming, sporting events, amusement parks, concerts and stage shows, recreational sports, and outdoor activities. Recreation is considered an important part of ones health and peace of mind and is available to people of all interest, income, and age groups.
Travel is generally a part of the leisure activity of travellers. City budget directors often plan for various recreational facilities such as theatre buildings, stadiums, and outdoor activities to attract tourists. Recreational programs are used as an emotional and physical therapy for people with disabilities and the elderly. Rising public participation and growing interest in recreational activities are further going to boost the leisure industry.

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Global and Southeast Asia Window And Door Industry, 2018 Market Research Report
Published on Nov 06 2018 | Publisher Name - Prof Research | Price - $3,000

The 'Global and Southeast Asia Window And Door Industry, 2013-2023 Market Research Report' is a professional and in-depth study on the curre...

Global Snow Sports Apparel Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Jacket, Pants, One-Piece Suits), by Market (Amateurs, Professional AthletesPants, Others), by Company (Lafuma, Decathlon, Columbia, … …)
Published on Oct 17 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Snow Sports Apparel refers to the cloth which is worn during the snow sports like ski sport or snowboarding sport, and use perform...

Global Ice Hockey Skate Socks Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Junior, Senior), by Market (Sports, PracticeSenior, Commercial), by Company (Bauer, Reebok, Easton, … …)
Published on Oct 11 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot The global Ice Hockey Skate Socks market will reach xxx Million USD in 2018 and with a CAGR if xx% between 2019-2025. Product Ty...

Global Ice Hockey Tape Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Cloth, Synthetic Fiber), by Market (Sports, PracticeSynthetic Fiber, Commercial), by Company (Howies, Renfrew, North America Tapes, … …)
Published on Oct 11 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot The global Ice Hockey Tape market will reach xxx Million USD in 2018 and with a CAGR if xx% between 2019-2025. Product Type Cove...

Global Horse Riding Apparel Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Clothes, Boots, Helmets, … …), by Market (Female, MaleBoots), by Company (DECATHLON, Ariat, Shanghai Goldtex Clothing & Bags Co., … …)
Published on Oct 11 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Horse riding apparel, also known as equestrian clothing, the equestrian clothing mainly composed by several body parts, like boots...

Global Tennis Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Graphite, Boron and Kevlar, Aluminum, … …), by Market (Professional Tennis Players, Adult Tennis EnthusiastsBoron and Kevlar, Junior Tennis Enthusiasts), by Company (Wilson, Head, Babolat, … …)
Published on Oct 03 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Tennis Racquet is a sports implement consisting of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of strings or catgut i...

Global Slot Machine Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Reel Slot Machines, Video Slot Machines, Multi-denomination Slot Machines), by Market (New/ expansion, ReplacementVideo Slot Machines), by Company (Scientific Games, IGT, Aristocrat Leisure, … …)
Published on Sep 30 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Slot machines are casino gambling machines with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. Slot machines are also kno...

Global Percussion Instrument Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Traditional Percussion Instrument, Electronic Percussion Instrument), by Market (Professional, AmateurElectronic Percussion Instrument, Education), by Company (Gretsch Drums, Ludwig Drums, Remo, … …)
Published on Sep 27 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Percussion instruments are instruments which are played by shaking or hitting. There are many different kinds of percussion instru...

Global Music Microphone Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Wireless music microphones, Wired music microphones), by Market (Studio, PerformanceWired music microphones, Audio for video, … …), by Company (Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, … …)
Published on Sep 26 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Microphones are used in many applications such as telephones, hearing aids, public address systems for concert halls and public ev...

Global Effects Processors and Pedals Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Stompboxes, Multi-effects and tabletop units, Rackmounts), by Market (Electric guitar, Electric bassMulti-effects and tabletop units, Others), by Company (BOSS, Digitech, Line 6, … …)
Published on Sep 20 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Effects Processors and Pedals is an electronic or digital device that alters how a musical instrument or other audio source sounds...

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