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The Aerospace & Defence Industry comprises production, sale, and service of commercial & defence aircraft, military vehicles, systems, and weapons. The defence segment majorly includes vehicles and equipment’s, which is dependent on the nations requirement and are designed to operate on the land, air, and in the sea. The Aerospace & Défense industry also includes space vehicles, usually satellites, for both commercial and military use.
The global aerospace & defence sector is witnessing major fundamental changes due to macro-level factors that are influencing the whole business. Factors such as technological advancements, globalization, rising pricing pressures, consolidation, increasing productivity, and changing government regulations are prompting the industry participants to adapt to the changing industry scenario rapidly and pursue new opportunities to gain competitive advantage.
The Economic growth in terms of increasing per capita income supports the growth of the aerospace and defence market. In developing economies, such as in India and China, the air travel frequency is increasing, and it indicates the strong optimism prevailing in the market. Additionally, the growth in international trade is also driving the growth of the aerospace industry.
Environmental concern is currently a major focus area for the aviation industry. Governments across the world are framing regulations and polices with the rising percentage of carbon dioxide emitted by aircraft. For instance, the EPA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have formed regulations pertaining to the emission of greenhouse gases from commercial aircraft. The implications for the aircraft segment are substantial, with airframe and engine manufacturers, along with airline operators aiming to decrease their carbon footprints. The Airline providers are committed to increase fuel efficiency by 1.5% per annum.
The global economic repossession has increased the demand for oil across the globe, which is creating additional pressure on energy prices. Further, political conflicts among countries such as those in the Middle East and North Africa are resulting in high fuel price. Industry stakeholders are focusing on improving fuel efficiency, and they are searching for alternatives such as fully electric or more electric aircraft. Several companies are involved in developing the electric propulsion system to support urban air mobility (UAM).
The demand for defence equipment is increasing, as governments across the world are emphasising on military modernization, given the growing global security concern. The continued complexity and uncertainty of the international security environment is expected to raise global defence spending over the next few years. Increasing global defence spending is creating opportunities for defence manufacturers and their supply chains. Defence companies are focusing on highly agile production to meet the market demand.
The space sector is experiencing a steady growth owing to continuous investment in new technologies, with major funding coming from governments and related large venture capital funds. The primary revenue is generated from government space programs, including the manufacturing of satellites and launch vehicles that are used for imagery and communication. Further, the commercial space market is dominated by products and services that satellites provide, including weather forecasting, broadband connections, mobile communications, mobile asset tracking, and data connections for organisations around the world. An enhanced focus on the resiliency of space capabilities and modernization of defence space missions are likely to boost the growth of the segment.

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