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Semiconductor components are the essential part of the modern electronics designed to power many of the cutting-edge digital devices that we currently use. Semiconductors are the most important components of electronic devices, enabling advances in communications, automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, military & aviation, and countless other applications. The global semiconductor industry is anticipated to recover by 5.9% in 2020 after it was down by 12.8% in 2019, according to WSTS. The semiconductor industry is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period owing to the emergence of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, autonomous driving, AR/VR devices, and the Internet of Things.
Moreover, a rise in demand for high-speed connectivity and widening of business operations throughout the value chain have resulted in vast applications for the ICT domain. ICT has found applications in several industries such as healthcare, oil & gas, insurance, financial services, banking, and transportation, among others. The rapid growth of ICT industry has resulted in an increase in demand of for semiconductor chips and components over the years. The rapid penetration of smartphones and IoT devices across the globe is triggering the demand for high speed chips and processors, which in turn, is fuelling the semiconductor industry. Trends including digitization of semiconductor industry, reduction in innovation and development cycles, rising mergers & acquisitions, and growth in cloud computing, among others, has have resulted in the development of the semiconductor & electronics industry in recent times.
Moreover, the use of semiconductor components and sensors in the automotive industry for safety, infotainment, navigation, and fuel efficiency, is expected to surge over the years due to the increasing integration of electronic components in vehicles for advanced safety features. ADAS systems and MCUs are expected to be the largest contributors to the automotive semiconductor electronics market. Further, the rising penetration of wearables, AR/VR devices, smartphones, hearables, smart displays, and security systems in smart homes, among others, is expected to add to the growth of the semiconductor components in the consumer electronics industry. In addition to this, the growing demand of for advanced wired and wireless electronics in the telecommunication industry is expected to be the largest contributor to the semiconductor market.
The overall semiconductors market was valued at US$ 409 Bn in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% over 2020. Significant potentials offered by automotive and industrial segments, growth opportunities in BRIC nations, and the focus on innovative advancements in countries such as China and India are expected to generate significant opportunities during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest market for semiconductor consumption.
China is the largest purchaser and importer of chips, and the country planning to increase the production of electric vehicles, which is expected to generate demand for semiconductor components significantly. There has been an increase in AI chip funding and merger & acquisitions activities in China. Moreover, India is planning to increase its semiconductor production capacity during the forecast period through building its own fabless semiconductor design ecosystem. There has been a rise in business consolidation in the semiconductor industry. The large companies are focused on maintaining a competitive edge through various merger and acquisition activities. Some of the major players operating in the semiconductor industry are TSMC, Micron Technology, Toshiba Corp, Intel Corp, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Broadcom, Qualcomm Technologies, and Texas Instruments, among others.

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