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The consumer goods & retail sector ranks among the highest revenue generators in the world. The consumer goods & retail industry encompasses a broad spectrum of sectors such as personal care, home care, baby care, e-commerce, and various others. Consumer goods are meant for daily and private consumption. The growth of the consumer goods & retail industry over the past decade has been more than satisfactory, as the major companies operating in this industry have launched innovative products to cater to the continuously evolving consumer needs and preferences. These companies have expanded rapidly into the developing nations that include China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and Chile, among others. Countries in the Asia Pacific region are expected to overtake the Western countries to become the main consumer markets in the coming years. The rapid adoption of internet services is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the consumer goods industry.
Moreover, digital technologies such as blockchain, digital reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud services are leading the new era of productivity for consumer goods companies. These technologies are helping in boosting the efficiency of internal processes, brand growth, innovation, profitability, and consumer experience. Blockchain has several uses in the consumer goods & retail industry for both business and consumer services. The common uses of blockchain in B2B include connected supply chain, automated recordkeeping, product safety, product authenticity and origin, legitimacy of digital advertising, and product development and innovations, among others. Advantages of blockchain for consumers include access to product information, smart loyalty programs, fast and secure payments, access to aftercare services, and consumer data protection.
Recent years have witnessed changes in the consumer behaviour. The nature of the interaction of retailers and manufacturers with consumers has changed dramatically and is expected to display a similar trend in the coming years. Ownerships of smartphones, internet access, and the usage of social media are becoming pervasive globally. These technologies help people access all the information when and where they want. Further, there is rising demand for readily available information about products with real time updates and also with the ability to scan the barcodes or take the photos of a product to obtain the overall information such as pricing of brands and the stores where it is available. In addition to this, consumers also seek post sale services, such as real time updates about products, product recall notifications, and round the clock services.
Further, there are shifts in buying behaviour in developing economies. There is an inclination among consumers towards online purchasing to avail the convenience and discounts provided by online retailers. Manufacturers are also focusing on digital marketing strategies, such as web page optimization and search engine optimization, in order to grab greater consumer attention in the coming years. Further, manufacturers are building their own online platforms besides their offline stores and are offering brand discounts to target tech-savvy customers.
Notable players in the consumer goods & services industry include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Procter & Gamble Co., Unilever Plc, Beiersdorf A.G., Johnson & Johnson Inc., and Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc, among others.

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Global Luggage Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Casual bags, Travel bags, Business bags), by Market (Specialist Retailers, Factory outletsTravel bags, Internet sales), by Company (Samsonite International S.A., Tumi Holdings, VIP Industries, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Luggage consists of bags, cases, and containers which hold a traveller's articles during transit.The modern traveller can be expec...

Global Makeup Brushes Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Shuuemura, BOBBI BROWN, M.A.C), by Market (Personal, ProfessionalBOBBI BROWN), by Company (Shiseido, Etude House, L'Oréal, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of make up or face painting. The bristles could be made out of na...

Global Luxury Bag Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Tote Bags, Clutch Bags, Backpacks, … …), by Market (15-25 Aged, 25-50 AgedClutch Bags, Older than 50, … …), by Company (Dior, LVMH, Coach, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Luxury Bag is pleasant to have but is not necessary. Compared with general bag, the Luxury bag is more expensive. Luxury bag are g...

Global Kinesiology Tape Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Roll Form, Pre-cut Shape), by Market (Franchised Store, On-line ShopPre-cut Shape, Sport Team, … …), by Company (Kinesio Taping, SpiderTech, KT TAPE, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Kinesiology tape is invented by Kenzo Kase in 1979. It is a type of thin, elastic cotton tape that can stretch up to 140% of its o...

Global Jigsaw Puzzle Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Wood Materials, Plastic Materials, Paper Materials), by Market (Children, AdultsPlastic Materials), by Company (Springbok Puzzles, Robotime, Disney, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Jigsaw Puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces. Each piece...

Global Laboratory Furniture Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Lab Bench Liners, Lab Bench Protection Pads, Lab Trays), by Market (School Laboratory, Hospital LaboratoryLab Bench Protection Pads, Research Center of Enterprises, … …), by Company (Thermo Scientific, Saint Gobain, VWR, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Lab Bench Surface Protectors includes lab bench liners, lab bench protection pads and lab trays, which are long-lasting, waterproo...

Global Laser Doppler Vibrometer Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Single-point vibrometers, Scanning vibrometers, Others), by Market (Scientific Research, IndustrialScanning vibrometers, Medical, … …), by Company (OMS Corporation, ONO SOKKI, Polytec, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot A laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) is a scientific instrument that is used to make non-contact vibration measurements of a surface. ...

Global Liquid Foundation Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Sheer, Light, Medium, … …), by Market (10 to 20, 20 to 30Light, 30 to 40, … …), by Company (L'ORéAL, KIKO, ESTEE LAUDER, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Foundation is a skin colored makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws and, so...

Global Lipstick Packaging Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Plastic Packaging, Metal Packaging, Others), by Market (High-end Consumption, Ordinary ConsumptionMetal Packaging), by Company (Albéa, ILEOS, HCP, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Lipstick Packaging refers to cosmetic containers or tubs for packaging of lipstick products. Materials used for Lipstick Packaging...

Global Lightweight Jackets Market Study 2015-2025, by Segment (Woven fabrics, Knitted fabrics), by Market (Men, WomenKnitted fabrics, Kids), by Company (NIKE, Adidas, Zara, … …)
Published on Sep 25 2018 | Publisher Name - 99Strategy | Price - $1,800

Snapshot Lightweight jackets are a kind of jacks that are usually relative light and worn in the milder months. There are more and more fun...

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